The 19th AUN & 8th ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest in Thailand

  1. Program  Information:
  • Topic of Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest: Social Sustainability in ASEAN+3: The challenges of Inclusive Growth.
  • Educational Forum is one of the core activities and foundation for the youth in AUN and ASEAN+3 with an aim to express attitudes and views on regional issues as well as on the future of the region through policy proposals development.
  • Young Speakers’ Contest is an activity of the Forum, which aims to promote cooperation among young leaders of countries in ASEAN+3,  to raise awareness and understanding among young people about the cooperation mechanism and the future of the region.
  • Program’s detailed information (Guidelines and Instruction):
  1. Program Duration: 10-14/ 06/ 2019.
  1. Number of candidates: 02 students and 01 faculty will be selected and nominated by International University.
  1. Expenses:
  • Candidates will be covered expenses: accommodation, food, internal transportation.
  • For Faculty staff: The home institution will pay the remaining costs according to current regulations.
  • For students: have to pay the remaining costs themselves.
  1. Eligibility:

5.1. For students:

Priority for students who are studying in the second and third years.

Speak English fluently.

Commit to attend the event fully.

Well-knowledgeable about the event’s concept (Southeast Asia and East Asia).

Have teamwork spirit and good communication ability.

Good health and ability to adapt to the situation.

5.2. For faculty staff:

Have wide  knowledge about ASEAN, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Good communication ability, speak English fluently.

Commit to attend the event fully.

Good health and ability to adapt to the situation.

  1. Application Package:
  • Registration Form. Link:
  • Students attending the Educational Forum will submit an essay in English (Policy Paper with 1 page in length) that presents the nation’s policy and views on the event topic.
  • Students participating in the Young Speakers’ Contest Contest will submit an essay in English (for no more than 1500 words) about the event topic.
  • Details of the rules and program guidelines:
  1. Application procedures and deadlines:

Step 1: Please submit your application at room A2.604 (International Student Service Center) before 16:00 on April 17, 2019.

Step 2: International University will select 02 students, 01 faculty staff and nominate to Vietnam National University – HCMC.

Step 3: Vietnam National University – HCMC will announce the admission results to students, faculty staff and guide to complete the registration procedures before April 30, 2019.