Thanks to a generous investment from the government and the university, the School of Electrical Engineering (EE) at the International University has state-of-the-art electronics and communication laboratories, and sets the standard among educational institutions in Vietnam. Our dynamic faculty members were educated at prestigious universities abroad and have extensive achievements in teaching and research. During their four academic years, EE students are exposed to a challenging curriculum with hands-on experiments and real-system designs to master current and advanced technologies. As the results, our students are well qualified to acquire a professional position after graduation from IU.



A. Graduate Program:
Master of Science in Electrical engineering.

B. Undergraduate Programs:
The School of Electrical Engineering offers two types of training programs:

1. The training program at the International University (4 years)
The 4-year undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering is educated at the International University. On completion of this course, students are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering by the International University – Vietnam National University, HCMC.

2. The partner programs between the International University and a foreign partner university (2+2 program)
These programs allow students to spend the first two years studying at the International University and the other two years at the partner universities. After completing the second phase and meeting all requirements from the partner universities, students will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree by the partner universities.
Currently, School of Electrical Engineering has following partner programs:

  • The partner program with the University of Nottingham, England. (since 2005)
  • The partner program with University of the West of England (since 2005)
  • The partner program with the University of New South Wales, Australia. (since 2007)
  • The partner program with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA. (since 2008)
  • The partner program with Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand (since 2009)
  • The partner program with SUNY Binghamton (since 2009)
  •  The partner program with the University of Auckland, New Zealand (since 2010)


Every graduated engineer from our university will have an opportunity to work in an environment which is directly or indirectly related to the electrical engineering field. Thanks to their advanced proficiency in the English language, IU graduates will be a perfect match for foreign companies currently investing in the HCM City metropolitan area. In addition, all graduated engineers from IU can seek employment from various areas such as: communications, airlines, entertaining industries, IC design, broadcasting, biomedical instruments, civil electronics, information technology, multimedia, automation, national defense, traffic and transportation, etc.


The areas of research at School of Electrical Engineering include:

  • Computational Electromagnetics;
  • IC design;
  • Design and manufacture of microwave applications;
  • Design and manufacture of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS);
  •  Image processing and wavelet transforms with applications in automatic recognition systems;
  • Wireless sensor networks;
  • Biomedical instrumentations;
  • FPGA and embedded systems for civil and industrial applications;


School of Electrical Engineering
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