IU School of Business is among the leading public institutions in Vietnam that provide high quality training programs for business administration. Currently, the school has the largest number of students at IU and it offers several programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate All the training programs are accredited by MOET (Vietnamese Government) and AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network- Quality Assurance); and will be soon qualified the ACBSP standards (USA). With implementing the international standards of training programs and using English as medium of teaching, the school has provided high quality of human resources to many domestic and international organizations. Since our mission is to equip learners with the capability of ‘think global, act local’ and ability to apply the theories into the reality, we are boosting innovation through the whole of teaching, doing research, technology transfer, and consultancy.


The School of Business equips its students with working professionalism, diversified knowledge, and necessary business skills to be ready for key positions in domestic and international enterprises, MNC, NGO, and research institutions. Throughout their time at the university, the students are trained deeply to develop their skills of teamwork, independent and critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, knowledge of the legal system and society fundamentals, as well as advanced professional knowledge of the English language.

The school offers undergraduate programs with the focus on four specializations including Business Management, International Business, Marketing, and Hospitality Management. The school also offers MBA program and PhD in Business Administration.

All the academic programs are delivered by local and international lecturers who hold master and PhD degrees from prestigious universities around the world. The academic programs are in accordance with those of well-known international universities such as University of Houston (US), University of New South Wales (Australia), University of Nottingham (UK), University of West of England (UK), and Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand). The school uses the textbooks and other learning materials from popular world publishers for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students have the opportunity to study in a dynamic environment, with advanced training methods and modern facilities, including a business simulation lab.


The new graduates from the School of Business are able to find jobs with a range of positions such as marketing, securities trading, market research, production management, quality management, sale, and logistics at domestic and international enterprises, multinational companies, large domestic corporations, public agencies, NGO, and research institutions. The school has a number of alumni working at well-known organizations such as HSBC, ANZ, Unilever, KPMG, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, Intel, Nokia, AC Nielsen, and Ogilvy & Mather. New graduates are also able to manage their family businesses or start up their own business.


To improve research activities to in order to better serve learner communities as well as provide more efficient business consultancy, the school has set its sights on the following:

  • Research customer behaviors, market research, develop marketing strategies for several potential products and companies of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Research on issues related to sources of capital, capital structure and performance of domestic companies, activities of the stock exchange and funds, opportunities to implement international standards in accounting and finance
  • Opportunities, risks, and solutions for local and foreign firms in the context of globalization, cooperation and competition, cross-culture management, and the environment of MNCs.
  • Evaluation of human resource needs as well as HRM methods in small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations
  • Application of models of operations management, supply chain management, logistics for domestic companies


School of Business
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