The Department of Food Technology, International University – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (IUFT) was established on October 26th, 2010, to teach undergraduate and graduate levels of Food Technology, conduct scientific research in the field of food technology, and serve the needs of providing high-qualified human resources for industry and society. The IUFT’s training program has been built on the foundation of advanced programs capable of addressing practical needs in the country, focusing on equipping learners with modern knowledge and practical and working skills.

The Department’s undergraduate training program is certified by The ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). Moreover, the postgraduate training programs are planned to get accredited by the Accreditation Agency for Study Programs in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN) soon.

Training Programs

The IUFT’s training programs aim to educate engineers who have

  • Ability to make decisions in food management
  • Ability to provide food services
  • Ability to design, modify, and improve food products
  • Ability to manage, operate, and produce food
  • Skills in critical thinking, decision-making, international communication, and teamwork
  • High social and professional accountability.

IUFT currently has 4 undergraduate training programs and 1 graduate training program:

  • Training program for Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology (awarded by International University)
  • Twinning programs (2+2) with University of Nottingham – Food Technology (awarded by University of Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  • Training program of double degrees: Biotechnology and Food Technology
  • Training program of Bachelor-Master program (BS-MS) in Food Technology
  • Training program for Master degree in Food Technology


IUFT is a department with strong scientific research potential of the International University and the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. All lecturers of the Department are involved in scientific research projects funded by foreign and national foundations. The IUFT’s average output of scientific publication is usually 1-2 ISI articles/lecturer/school year.

Besides scientific research and other schools/departments of the International University, IUFT currently endeavors to develop applied research, create practical products, and cooperate with businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and localities for technology transfer. 

The research orientation of IUFT focuses on some fields:

  • Research on the processing and preservation of agricultural products after harvesting
  • Research on applications of green approaches in food production
  • Research and development of functional food products for the prevention of chronic diseases
  • Research on biologically active compounds in foods and anti-nutritional compounds
  • Utilization of biological by-products for the production of value-added products
  • Development of biodegradable membranes


After holding a degree of engineering in Food Technology with high education qualifications and proficiency in English, graduated students can land appropriate and high-paid jobs at many domestic or multinational enterprises or corporations, namely Unilever, Abbott, Nestle, Ajinomoto, Puratos Grand-Place, Heineken, CJ corporation, FrieslandCampina, etc. Some positions that IUFT’s students can work in are listed as follows: 

  • Operation and management
  • Teaching and researching
  • Consulting and services
  • Business and start-up 

Further, IUFT’s students have been awarded scholarships for Master’s and PhD from many world-class universities in Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, etc. 


IUFT currently has a dedicated team of lecturers and researchers with the postgraduate training program at prestigious universities in the world (United States, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Belgium), including 1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 3 Doctors, and 2 Masters, along with regular companionship by visiting lecturers who are staff from Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, other domestic and foreign universities or partner businesses. In addition, the department also has a support team of enthusiastic and qualified laboratory technicians and teaching assistants.


The IUFT’s laboratories are currently part of 17 laboratories of related faculties serving teaching and research. High connectivity between laboratories provides the best teaching, research, and learning conditions for staff and students with frequently used modern equipment.

The laboratory system for teaching and research in the field of Food Technology


Department of Food Technology, International University Ho Chi Minh City

Address: Room O1. 706, Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number: (028) 37244270 – Ext: 3824, 3980