According to the Circular No. 09/2009/TT-BGDDT dated May 07, 2009 of the Ministry of Education and Training about the Regulation on transparent information for educational institutions under the national education system, and Document No. 5901/BGDĐT-KHTC dated October 17, 2014 instructing the implementation of regulations on public information for the academic year 2022-2023, the International University reports the implementation of regulation on transparent information as follows:

1. Regarding transparent contents.

a) Publicize the commitment to education quality and education quality in practice:

  • Publicize the commitment to education quality at all levels of regular education system; commitment to the conditions from which students benefit when enrolling to the school, according to Form 20
  • Publicizeeducation quality in practice about the proportion of students graduating from regular systemin academic year 2014, according to Form 21. Recording details on each training level.

b) Publicize the conditions to ensure the education quality:

  • About facilities: Publicize the floor area directly usedfortraining, according to Form 22.
  • About teachers, managers and employees: Publicize the tenured and long-termed contract staff, according to Form 23.

c) Transparent information about finance:

Transparent information about finance, according to Form 24.

2. Regarding publicizing form.

International University, VNU-HCM publicizes information on the website and on our notice boards.