On June 16th, 2022, International University (IU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tianjin University, China. This MOU establishes the foundation for the long-term cooperation between IU and Tianjin University. 

Tianjin University, founded in 1896, was one of China’s most important universities. The university was ranked 62nd in Asia’s best university rankings according to Times Higher Education 2022. The university currently has approximately 31,000 students enrolled and specializes in engineering training. Tianjin University provides English-language training programs in a range of fields, including Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, Master of Software Engineering, and Master of Architecture and Urban Planning. The institution also has a variety of scholarship and grant programs for overseas students.

Upon the signing of this MOU, IU and Tianjin University shall study prospective areas of collaboration and propose specific cooperation actions to serve the mutual interests of the two parties’ research and teaching activities. This MOU also serves as the foundation for the two parties’ future cooperative relationship for good and sustainable development. Additionally, the two parties will be given the chance to promote research and training based on their respective resources and advantages.