• Advise Board of Rectors on Development strategy, quality assurance improvement plans;
  • Manage, operate all quality assurance activities in the university.


  1. Develop and issue Development Strategy, long-term, medium-term, and annual plans for accreditation and education quality assurance activities of the university;
  2. Build up and submit Board of Rectors to promulgate specific documents and guidelines on the activities of internal quality assurance;
  3. Preside, coordinate with the Offices, Schools, and Departments to build up the mechanism to collect and store information related to the quality assurance;
  4.  Implement self-assessment of the university’s quality assurance according to assessment criteria and prestigious education quality accreditation standards;
  5. Report the results of university’s quality assurance activities to Board of Rectors;
  6. Consult, monitor and inspect the implementation of quality assurance activities in all units of the university;
  7. As a standing units of the Self-Assessment Committee and the units presides at welcoming all assessment and accreditation delegations based on the university’s strategic planning;
  8. Organize conferences/seminars, training courses for managers, lecturers and staff in the field of quality assurance, self-assessment and external assessment;
  9. Participate in external quality assurance delegations following the university plan;
  10. Coordinate with other units to foster and propagate culture of quality in the university.


Room: O2 – 611

Telephone: (84-28) 37244270 – Ext: 3227

Fax: (84-28) 37244271


Human resources:

Full Name Position E-mail
Huynh Kha Tu Head
Nguyen Thi Thu Thao Deputy Head
Dinh Quang Khai Staff
Le Thuy Hang Staff
Tran Thi Ngoc Quy Staff
Tran Ngoc Ngan Staff
Nguyen Bao Khanh Staff